Powering Innovation
with Exosomes

Clara Biotech’s next generation technology makes exosomes more accessible, propelling medical breakthroughs for patients.

The ExoRelease Isolation Kit

The New Gold Standad In Exosome Extraction Technology

“I wish I could have used this system 5 years ago.”

  • Improved Purity
  • High Reproducibility
  • Fully Functional Exosomes
  • Downstream Use Ready
  • Simple Procedure
  • Low Labor Time
  • Subtyping
  • MISEV Guidelines Compliant

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What our customers say


Reducing the non-specific binding of EVs is essential for developing diagnostic assays and the Clara Biotech technology allows for more consistent and targeted enrichment.

Our lab team uses many EV-isolation methods, and we get different results...the field needs standardization.

Dr. Andrew Godwin

University of Kansas Medical Center, USA