Clara Biotech and KUMC collaborate for ISEV2022 poster.

Clara Biotech, Inc. introduced a new exosome isolation and purification technology, the ExoRelease™ Starter Kit, at the International Society of Extracellular Vesicles (ISEV) 2022 conference. The Clara team worked together with the Godwin Lab (1) at The University of Kansas Medical Center (KUMC) to illustrate the reproducibility of the ExoRelease technology in an external lab. Professor Godwin noted, “One of the challenges in exosome research is reproducibility and robustness of exosome isolation in different labs.”

The poster,  co-authored by Clara and KUMC, is entitled, “Easy and consistent purification of CD9, CD63, and CD81 positive functional extracellular vesicles.” Authors include Ashley Tetlow (1), Arnab Ghosh (1),  Curtis V. Yingling, Joy Hayden, Thomas Krol,  Andrew K. Godwin (1), and Jim West.

Clara has licensed their ExoRelease technology through  the University of Kansas and is committed to commercializing this unique technology to purify exosomes. “It is collaborative efforts like this that help all of us succeed.” shared Jim West, CEO of Clara Biotech.  

The use of the ExoRelease platform may allow researchers at KUMC to identify and evaluate new biomarkers associated with various cancer types. Enriching the population of exosomes is one of several tools which may enhance this capability.

With approximately 1400 people in attendance, ISEV 2022 conference was highly successful, featuring numerous Exosome Leaders presenting cutting-edge methodologies and industry breakthroughs. The poster session was well-attended, and most of the attendees expressed interest in learning more about Clara’s ExoRelease™ technology and methods. 


1 ) Andrew K. Godwin, Ph.D. University of Kansas Medical Center, Kansas City, KS.
Chancellors Distinguished Chair in Biomedical Sciences and Endowed Professor Division Director of Genomic Diagnostics, Pathology, and Laboratory Medicine Professor and Director of Molecular Oncology, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine Deputy Director, The University of Kansas Cancer Center Director, Biospecimen Repository Core Facility Kansas Bioscience Authority Eminent Scholar


About Clara Biotech

Clara Biotech was founded in 2018 by Dr. Mei He, exosome expert and assistant professor at the University of Florida, and James E West III, engineer, and entrepreneur. Clara Biotech licensed the technology for novel methods to isolate and purify exosomes from the University of Kansas. Its non-chemical ExoRelease™ platform uses proprietary immunocapture and release technology to exclusively isolate exosomes. The ExoRelease™ platform provides a simple, reproducible, time-saving protocol and has the same process for multiple bio-sample types. This yields pure, completely functional, in-tact, and subtyped exosomes. Clara Biotech is in the process of commercializing its ExoRelease™ Starter Kit for Research Use Only.

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