Clara Biotech Builds Intellectual Property Portfolio with Recently Published Patent Application

Clara Biotech, Inc., a Lawrence, KS based biotechnology company developing its ExoRelease™ immunocapture and release platform to isolate and purify exosomes, has received a Notice of Publication of Application from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for Publication No. US-2022-0073999-A1. This patent application covers methods of generating therapeutic delivery platforms and is a continuation of the patent granted in late 2021. The publication represents another step forward in Clara’s development of a strong intellectual property portfolio and its establishment as a leader in innovative exosome purification and isolation.

Clara will soon launch its laboratory kit for researchers seeking to perform exosome engineering research using its patented and patent-pending technology which will augment present exosome isolation and purification service offerings.

About Clara Biotech

Clara Biotech was founded in 2018 by Dr. Mei He, exosome expert and assistant professor at the University of Florida, and James E West III, engineer, and entrepreneur. Clara Biotech licensed the technology for novel methods to isolate and purify exosomes from the University of Kansas. Its non-chemical ExoRelease™ platform uses proprietary immunocapture and release technology to exclusively isolate exosomes. The ExoRelease™ platform provides a simple, reproducible, time-saving protocol and has the same process for multiple bio-sample types. This yields pure, completely functional, in-tact, and subtyped exosomes. Clara Biotech is in the process of commercializing its ExoRelease™ lab kit for Research Use Only.