Exosome Research Services

At Clara Biotech we are honored to support all cutting-edge research using the ExoReleaseTM immunoaffinity and exosome release products. We strive to give researchers the most consistent and pure exosomes isolated on the market today.

Exosome researchers may purchase a starter kit version ExoReleaseTM Isolation Platform and perform all isolation and characterization needed in their own lab for exosomes experiments. However, Clara also provides exosome isolation using the ExoReleaseTM Isolation Platform and characterization as a service for those who don’t have the time or capacity to do so themselves. We are passionate about supporting all researchers and their experiments, driving exosomes from the bench to the bedside.

Exosome Isolation As A Service

As more research shows the potential of exosomes to cure disease, the need for pure and reproducible exosome isolation is more important than ever. Clara can help you access biologically active exosomes, by taking isolation out of your lab and into ours. We can do isolation from nearly all biofluids including plasma, cell culture media, CSF, milk, human perilymph, urine, and saliva. We can account for specific volumes, quantities, and populations of exosomes. Please send a request for quotation to sales@clarabio.tech.

Nanoparticle Tracking Analysis - Exosome Characterization

Accurate and precise characterization of isolated exosome populations is provided using the Zetaview. Clara provides a multitude of different NTA analysis techniques, including the following:

Table 1: Clara’s NTA capabilities


1. Simple NTA sample analysis

2. Fluorescent NTA sample analysis with ExoGlow membrane dye for pure and functional EV analysis. Measurements in scatter and fluorescent mode

3. Fluorescent NTA analysis of exosomes with antibody and/or membrane labeling using Zetavie Quatt

Table 2: Clara’s Proteomic capabilities


1. Total Protein Content - Clara can quantitative the total protein found in exosome isolated samples.

2. Proteomic analysis

3. MACSPlex biomarker expression analysis by flow cytometry - detection of 37 known epitopes found on exosomes

Exosome Proteomic Analysis

Clara provides a comprehensive and easy way for exosome protein & biomarker detection and analysis. Our customizable service encompasses the following:

Exosome Nucleic Acid Analysis (RNA and DNA)

RNA and DNA cells packaged into exosomes are important for developing communication with other cells in an organism's microenvironment. Exosome researchers can characterize these nucleic acids as important cells find it to package nucleic acids in exosomes.

Table 3: Clara’s Proteomic capabilities


1. Capillary western blot biomarker expression analysis

2. RNA isolation from exosomes - Clara can isolate RNA material found in exosome isolates

3. Small RNA next generation sequencing with basic bioinformatics

Table 4: Clara TEM analysis capabilities


1. TEM analysis, negative stain using uranyl acetate or phosphotungstic acid

2. TEM image analysis - size distribution cross validation

3. Cryo-TEM imaging

Exosome Imaging

It is important to see what you're studying and for that reason, Clara provides TEM imaging analysis.

Service Requests

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