A Key Pillar In Clara’s Success

Clara’s mission is to push the boundaries of EV and exosome science to deliver life-changing tools, diagnostics, biomarkers and therapeutics, but we can’t do this alone. We rely on key partners to create mutually beneficial partnerships founded on trust and transparency. Entrepreneurial thinking is at the core of Clara – we value inclusive, open, and collaborative working relationships. We are passionate about supporting innovations in the field and helping the next generation of EV scientists succeed.

Who Do We Partner With?

Clara partners with those who share our vision that exosomes have the potential to drive innovation and medical breakthroughs. We partner with passionate diagnostic companies, biopharmaceutical companies, academic institutions, government institutions, patient driven organizations, and peer companies.

Our Areas of Interest

We collaborate globally with innovative public and private organizations to continually discover new and clinically meaningful insights for diagnostics, biomarkers, drug discovery and development, and increased biological knowledge.

Clara’s technology enables EV and exosome based biomarkers, therapeutics and new innovations through purification of EVs and exosomes. Clara is interested in all diagnostic and therapeutic areas where the purification of EVs and exosomes can be applied

Clara’s Partnership Advantages

  • Work with a company whose sole focus is EVs and exosomes.
  • Gain access to new and exciting IP technology for EV and exosomal research
  • Enable new diagnostics and biomarkers to reach the patient.
  • Accelerate research with a pure and functional source of exosomes for new biotech and gene therapy products.
  • Share in our collaborative and entrepreneurial spirit.

Interested In Partnering With Clara?

Clara is actively looking for partnership and collaborations with partners interested in expanding the current capabilities of EVs and exosomes from in-licensing, out-licensing, and collaborative research projects.

If you’re interested in becoming a partner, reach out to our corporate and business development team via the contact page.